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surviving... i mean, thriving in marriage

If you're newly married or planning to get married, I'm about to bless your life. Can I get an amen? But before I get started, let's talk about the really really important stuff first. What's that you say? Duh, my outfit.

A week ago, my husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. (Insert praise break here.) I wore an amazing dress for our night out on Saturday, and then decided to wear it again the next morning for church. I wanted to have a classy look that evening, but with a little sexy, wexy for my man too. Here's that look:

Now, here's how I pulled off the same dress for church the next morning - minus the sexy, wexy. Cleavage gone. Listen, it's imperative that you learn how to pin a dress properly when you need to put the girls way way away. I'm sure there are YouTube videos, but the secret is to pin from the back of the top or dress and then follow the seam. If you can't get the pin right, then just throw a cute shell underneath. I decided to go for military style boots on Sunday to give it a more trendy feel, plus sometimes I just don't feel like wearing heels. I've provided links to the dress and shoes at the end of this post.

Now on to the good stuff... marital bliss.

Literally when I typed "bliss" just now, I looked up the definition, and let me tell y'all something; whoever decided to put the word "bliss" next to the word "marital" was on crack or maybe even worse. If not crack, then clearly they were never ever married.


complete happiness; utter joy or contentment:

wedded bliss.

That picture in the top left is our first date. He had invited me to his company's Christmas party. I accepted, we dated, we got married, had some kids, yada yada, and the rest is marital (cough) bliss history.

He and I are always learning and growing, just like we all should do in this life, but there are 10 things I've learned that I'm hoping will bless you and your marriage or future marriage. Sit back and take notes.


I have an awful memory. It is out-right trash. When my husband is telling stories about our honeymoon and he mentions some of the things we did and places we went, I'll seriously be like, really, we did that? But some things haven't escaped me, like a few simple words I was given during my early teens. Joyce Thomas was one of the sisters at the congregation where I grew up. A lot of the ladies gave me advice back then, but something Joyce said always stuck with me. Here it goes: "Marry in the Lord." She'd say it when she taught our bible class. She'd say it at the end of our conversations. When I was dating, she'd always be sure and remind me - "Marry in the Lord." Joyce would have me imagine not having a spouse to pray with. She'd tell me how she woke up on Sunday mornings, and would have to motivate herself to get to worship on time. She'd explain how she raised children who had left the faith she fought so desperately to give them; but later abandoned because "Daddy said I didn't have to go". Single ladies. Engaged ladies. Dating ladies. Trust Joyce... Marry in the Lord.