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Intentional, Influential Mother




1. the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

While the label of “influencer” these days is considered a feat, it can sometimes feel insurmountable when checking the stats. How many Instagram followers you got… Facebook friends you done copped? I only have like five Russian bots tweeting @ me. My LinkedIn ain’t too linked, and what in the sam-hill (as my Daddy says) is this ticky tocky?

This world cares about influence. We pay for it, fight for it, scroll endlessly for it, measure it, share it and crave it. But in this struggle to see who’s keeping up with the Joneses, we often miss out on the real truth: Each of us already has influence! I already have influence. You already have influence. Each of us in our right have the ability to influence others.

Look in the mirror right now and say, "You are an influencer!" Believe that. You don’t need those blue thumbs-up or virtual hearts to feel seen. I know for a fact I influence folks who can’t even muster up the respect to even let me know that I exist; but like Beyoncé said… “I know you care."

Let me stop.

It’s time to talk about the influencer of influencers. The innovator of all innovators. The beginning to all of our beginnings. Momma.

Today (hand clap) is (hand clap) Mother’s (hand clap) Day! She, we, I’ve been influencing us since the start of time.

I think like my momma. I walk like my momma. I'm petty like my momma. Some say, they can even see both my Grandmothers in me too. I feel them, the influence their souls had over mine.